Lemon Head


Lemon Head

Just as the name reads is the experience you can imagine your palate experiences. This flavor profile is the perfect blend of lemon citrus, gas, and a sativa dominant. This daytime strain is a great pick-me-up as it boosts mood and promotes social behavior. We are blown away at the overwhelming flavor Bursts of lemon not only through the inhale but the powerful fuel blowing out and hints of lemon left on your lips long after. The abundance of citrus aroma overpower any room and stay long after you leave. You’ve been warned! Enjoy.

Effects: happy, euphoric, head-high, elevating, warm and fuzzy, stimulating, focus. Relieves/treats: pain, depression, lethargic,

cramps, loss of appetite. Taste/flavor- lemon, pine, tangy, citrus, gas, sweet, zestful, light eucalyptus and spice.

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